Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015 Daily Paintings…or nearly

Okay, time to get started on the challenge of painting everyday, or nearly everyday.

The two paintings below were originally one long 6"x12"painting. I cut it in half then re-worked both sides to make two new 6"x6" paintings. Success!!
Canoe Path by Gretha Lindwood, 6"x6" pastel on sandpaper, based on a view of a lake near my home

Soft Whispers by Gretha Lindwood, 6"x6" pastel on sandpaper, based on a view of a lake near my home

A Gentle Afternoon by Gretha Lindwood, 5"x5" pastel on sandpaper, reminiscent of a nearby view

Sunday, January 4, 2015

8 New Pastel Mini Paintings Delivered to Cannon Beach Gallery

It's so exciting to be asked to bring new framed work to Cannon Beach Gallery because my previous paintings practically flew off the walls! And I was happy to oblige with the pieces shown below. It's a beautiful gallery with wonderful art of all kinds. Drop by the gallery when you are at the Oregon Coast. It's located at 1064 S. Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR 97110. Phone 503-436-0744.
Awaken, 6"x6" pastel, $187 framed
Solstice, 6"x6" pastel, $187 framed
Serene, 6"x6" pastel, $187 framed
Wander, 6"x6" pastel, $187 framed
Discover, 6"x6" pastel, $187 framed
Tranquil, 6"x6" pastel, $187 framed
Beach Marsh, 6"x6" pastel, plein air - SOLD
Rain Day At Indian Beach, 6"x6" pastel, plein air, $187 framed

Time To Toot My Own Horn For 2014

Thank you to all my valuable clients, friends, judges, artists and family for a truly memorable year, 2014. Each and everyone of you helped make this past year a stellar one for me.

A few memorable moments from 2014 for me in the art business…

APRIL - Marie Louise's Garden, 6"x9" plein air pastel painting awarded "Best of Show' at the Lake Area Artists 48th Annual Show and Sale! SOLD

MAY - Authorized Vehicles Only, 9"x18" plein air pastel painting awarded "Best Pastel" at 21st Annual Carmel Art Festival! SOLD

JUNE - Winter Color, 9"x18" plein air pastel painting shown at "Shared Oregon Visions" Cannon Beach Gallery. SOLD

JUNE - Wading, 12"x12" plein air pastel painting from Los Gatos Plein Air 2014. SOLD

SEPTEMBER - High Perch, 9"x18" plein air pastel painting awarded "People's Choice" at Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition 2014!

SEPTEMBER - Late Afternoon At Salt Creek Marsh, 9"x12" plein air pastel painting from Paint the Peninsula 2014. SOLD

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Catching Up - March, 2014 - 3rd Annual Plein Air Convention, Monterey, California

March, 2014 - 3rd Annual Plein Air Convention, Monterey, California
So much great information and demos by top notch artists, what a whirlwind of a week! Below are photos of me with a few art world notables. Okay, I admit I'm name dropping. (wink)
Gretha with B. Eric Rhodes, Painter and Publisher of Plein Air magazine and others; founder of the Plein Air Convention

Gretha with Debra Joy Groesser, Painter and President of American Impressionist Society; finally meeting in person after first meeting online

Gretha with Jean Stern, Executive Director of the Irvine Museum, Art Historian and recognized authority on California Impressionism; it's always fun to meet up with Jean and wife Linda

Gretha with Kevin Macpherson, one of our country's leading plein air Painters and Author; I look forward to meeting Kevin again in Portland in September

Monday, December 16, 2013

2014 Calendar "A Year In Pastel" now available

The 2014 calendar featuring a baker's dozen of my pastel images is available now through Art On Broadway Gallery. Order a few for gifts or for yourself. Just $20 each plus postage.

Care and Feeding of a Blog - Fast Forward to 2013

Summer, 2013 - It's been a busy year…art events all year long! A few of my award winning paintings from this year are shown below.

"Lupine Trail" by Gretha Lindwood, 9"x18" pastel, 20th Annual Carmel Art Festival, awarded Honorable Mention - SOLD

"Bee Heaven" by Gretha Lindwood, 12"x18" pastel, 2013 Yamhill Lavender Festival Plein Air Art Show, awarded Honorable Mention 

"Waterways" by Gretha Lindwood, 12"x12" pastel, 2013 LPAPA Best of Plein Air, awarded Second Place - SOLD

"Evening Lace" by Gretha Lindwood, 9"x18" pastel, 2013 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition & Exhibition, awarded Best Pastel - SOLD

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Care and Feeding of a Blog, Part 3

August, 2012 - It's a joy to be invited to participate in the  wonderful event close to home, the 2012 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition and Exhibition at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon. Below are just a few of the pastel paintings I created en plein air during the event. Hmm, looks like I had fixated on painting gardens and flowers.

"Camille's Garden" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel, 6"x6" - SOLD

"Glorious Summer" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel, 12"x18"

"Marie Louise's Garden" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel, 6"x9"

"Color ways" by Gretha Lindwood. pastel, 9"x12" - SOLD

September, 2012 - A trip to Pennsylvania and West Virginia to visit the in-laws included sightseeing, a canoe paddle down the very rocky Susquehanna River, a meet-up with Kate Sturman who is a former resident at ARNA in Sweden, and a birthday party. A fun time!

Here I am looking a bit grim with a view of Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant behind me.

Susquehanna River...wide but shallow with a great many rocks to negotiate

Susquehanna River...keeping a weather eye open for rocks

Susquehanna River...has its own Lady Liberty statue 

More updates to come...