Thursday, March 24, 2011

Accepted to Randy Higbee Gallery 6" Squared Exhibit

Morning Riot, 6"x6" pastel painting

What a wild few days I've had! I just learned this piece was accepted into the Randy Higbee Gallery 6" Squared Exhibition and Sale in Costa Mesa, California. That means another trip to FedEx to ship off a painting. But I don't mind a bit!

This piece is based on a field I saw of vivid yellow canola with our grey overcast skies but I wanted to do something different so I took my artistic license and went to work. My husband thought it looked like a riot of color, so that named the painting.

The Gala Artists' Reception will be held Saturday, April 16th. Show runs through May 6th. Randy Higbee Gallery is located at 102 Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Phone 800-506-4624.


Walt Socha said...

That's my girl!

housewench said...

I knew that looked familiar! I love the way this turned out. Congrats on all your shows- you're awesome!

G. Lindwood said...

Thanks! It is a fun scene to any color scheme!