Monday, May 16, 2011

Featured Painting at Art On Broadway

Inspirational photograph for the painting below

"Along the Way", 18"x18" pastel on sandpaper - SOLD

I painted this piece as part of the challenge Rae Campbell I gave ourselves as featured artists at Art On Broadway for the month of May, 2011. The show is titled "Another's Perspective" and contains work we created inspired by shared photographs, she in fused glass, I in pastel. I'm happy to report this painting "went to a good home!"


Jane said...

Gorgeous colors, light and prospective in this painting, really beautiful! How do you preserve a pastel painting??

Jane said...

Gorgeous painting, wonderful light , colors and prospective! How do you preserve pastel paintings?

G. Lindwood said...

Thanks for the compliment, Jane! Pastel paintings are protected when they are framed under glass. I use either Tru Vue anti-reflective glass or museum glass on my pastel pieces.
Your watercolors are lovely!