Saturday, August 3, 2013

Care and Feeding of a Blog, Part 2

After 2012 Telluride Plein Air came the 2012 Oregon Lavender Festival...I was tired after spending so much time on the road and only did a couple of lavender paintings
Lavender Perspective" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel, 6"x6"

"Color Slice" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel 12"x6" - SOLD

Next came the Portland Art Museum Plein Air Paint Out in the downtown Park Blocks.  That was a hot time in August on the city on the paint out and sale days! We were all melting 'cuz it was about 100°F on those days. And people LOVED seeing the Portland Art Museum do a plein air event and exhibit with living artists! They really did. We heard so many positive comments. Got my fingers crossed for a repeat someday soon.
"Garden in the Park" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel, 6"x6" - SOLD

"Rough Rider" by Gretha Lindwood, pastel, 12"x9"

Just for fun: This is such a can find toy horses tethered to an old horse ring on the curb of some of the older neigh(!)borhoods.

And then a wonderful but all too quick visit by textile artist Kerstin Jacobsson from Sweden. She's the director of ARNA artist residencies. Here we are greeting her at PDX International at nearly midnight, which is why we all look a little tired. Deb Bouchette was my fellow ARNA resident and roommate.
Kerstin and me, Gretha

Deb, Kerstin, and me

More updates to come...

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